SRNSFG announces the Scientific-Research Grant Call for

14/06/2018 16:36

Call title

Scientific-Research Grant Call for "Halyomorpha Halys Elimination State Programme 2018"

Call abbreviation SRNSFG-NFA

Call goals:

Facing the social-economic challenge of the Government - Halyomorpha Halys elimination and addressing agricultural issues, caused by its dissemination, through conducting scientific-technological research; facilitation of innovative scientific research, focused on solving difficulties caused by Halyomorpha Halys; seeking for new knowledge, methods and innovative technological decisions; theoretical and experimental analysis of addressing problems through sharing best international experience.

Project proposal should aim at: studying the biology and quantitative dynamics of Halyomorpha halys in Georgia; identifying its bio antagonists and biological enemies, their consumption opportunities, monitoring and studying the efficiency of biological tools for plants protection; experimental proof of new hypotheses and concepts in terms of problem solution. Funded research should provide the basis of progress in long-term perspective for the state or in terms of regional and international scales.  


Project proposal type – institutional


Basic programme and conditions of the call:

Requested funding from SRNSFG should not exceed 61 250 Gel for 1-year project and 122 500 Gel for 2-year project. 


Project implementation period: 1 or 2 years.


Call administration calendar:

Call announcement:                                        June 14, 2018

Group consultations:                                       June 26, 2018  16:00 pm. (registration form)

                                                                        July 10, 2018   16:00 pm. (registration form)

Deadline for sending questions electronically: July 17, 2018

Electronic registration starting date:                July 7, 2018

Registration deadline:

                  Electronic:                        July 23, 2018   16:00 pm.

                  Submission to the office:   July 24, 2018    16:00 pm.


Call regulatory documents:

Documents and annexes required for the Project:

  • Project programme and conditions (annex 1)
  • Cover page (annex 2) - template
  • Project proposal (annex 3) GEO/ENG
  • CV of the key personnel (annex 4) - template
  • Project timeframe (annex 5) GEO/ENG
  • Project budget (annex 6) - templates GEO/ENG
  • Letter of research advisor’s commitment (annex 7) GEO/ENG
  • Letter of co-funding commitment (if applicable) (annex 8) GEO/ENG
  • Frequently asked questions


Electronic registration links:

The Grants Management Unified System (GMUS) – for project registration (link)

Instruction for electronic registration (link)

Important information for applicants:

  • Please, carefully read the Decree of the Government of Georgia, decree of the SRNSFG Director General, call programme and conditions and other annexes;
  • Annexes, provided as templates, should be filled in the Grants management Unified System – GMUS, during electronic registration;
  • Only group consultations will be held.

For the further information, please, contact us via email:,ge  from 14/06 to 17/07.

Frequently asked questions will be renewed periodically.



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