The SRNSFG announces the 2018 Call for Mobility and International Scientific Events

11/04/2018 15:51

Title of the Call

Grants for Mobility and International Scientific Events

Call abbreviation - MG

Aim of the Call

The call aims at enhancing the scientific capabilities, supporting Georgian scientists’ integration into the international scientific society network through exchanging information and sharing experience, and science development and popularization. The call also aims to attract young researchers in science, to raise their qualification and to support in publishing the scientific works in international peer review journals.


Project proposal type                          Individual (Mobility);  Institutional (International scientific events)


Major terms and conditions of the call:­­

The call includes two sub-directions (lots):

  • I – Mobility grant for Georgian scientists’ participation in international scientific event abroad;
  • II – Grant for organizing international scientific event in Georgia.

For Mobility grant

Project maximum budget: equivalent of 2 000 USD in Gel.

Project implementation period: 1 September 2018 – 28 February 2019

For International scientific events

Total sum of the requested funding should not exceed:

  • 45 000 Gel for Conference project;
  • 45 000 Gel for Seasonal School project;
  • 60 000 Gel for Combined Event project (Conference and Seasonal School).

Project implementation period: 1 September 2018 – 30 September 2019

Call administration calendar:

11 April, 2018 – Call announcement;

26 April, 18 May, 29 May, 2018 – Group consultations; 

31 May, 2018 – Deadline for sending questions electronically;

15 May – 5 June, 16:00 – Dates for electronic registration in the Grant Management Unified System (GMUS);

6 June, 16:00 – Deadline for providing the application document at the SRNSFG office;

June, 2018 – Technical expertise of the submitted projects;

July, 2018 – Evaluation of the selected projects;

August, 2018 – Publishing the results.

It is recommended to register your scientist and organizational profiles (accounts) in the Grant Management Unified System (GMUS) before starting the project registration.

Call regulatory documentation:

Useful annexes and material:

For Mobility Grant

  • Cover page (sample) - Annex 2
  • Project proposal - Annex 3 (GEO/ENG)
  • CV (sample) - Annex 4
  • Letter of Co-funding (if applicable) - Annex 5 - (GEO/ENG)

For International Scientific Events

  • Cover page (sample) - Annex 7
  • Project proposal - Annex 8 (GEO/ENG)
  • CV (sample) - Annex 4
  • Letter of Commitment of the foreigner personnel (Annex 9)
  • Project time-frame - Annex 10 (GEO/ENG)
  • Project budget (sample) - Annex 11 (GEO/ENG)
  • Letter of Co-funding (if applicable) - Annex 12 (GEO/ENG)

Links to the Grants Management Unified System (GMUS) – (Will open on 18 May, 2018)

Instruction of the electronic registration (link)


  • Please read Minister’s Decree, SRNSFG Director General’s decree, call Terms and conditions and other annexes carefully;
  • Provided samples are filled in the Grants Management unified System (GMUS) during electronic registration;
  • Only group consultations will be held;
  • Deadline for sending questions electronically – 31/05/2018 at the e-mail address:

Call Coordinators:

Tornike Skhirtladze

Khatuna Arabuli

Ana polodashvili

Contact information:


Good Luck!