SRNSFG announces 2018 call for PhD Programmes

05/04/2018 16:38

Title of the Call

Call for  PhD programmes

Call abbreviation – PHDF


Aim of the call

The call aims at supporting the development of the intellectual capabilities and scientific quality, enhanced scientific capabilities of the HEIs, providing proper environment for scientific research, integrating young scientists into international scientific community, identification of young, talented scientists and supporting their research capabilities, advancement of the high quality research in the country, increasing the academic level of PhD educational programmes and providing proper conditions for young researchers.


Project proposal type – Individual

Major terms and conditions of the Call:

Project proposals can be submitted in fields defined by scientific field classifier:

  1. Natural studies;
  2. Engineering and technology;
  3. Medical and health sciences;
  4. Agricultural sciences;
  5. Social Sciences;
  6. Humanities
  7. Georgian Studies.

Financial requirements:

  • Funding required from the SRNSFG should not exceeded 10 500 GEL (6 months) per period;
  • PhD student’s scholarship should not exceed 5250 GEL (6 months)  per period;
  • Duration of the project: 6-36 months (in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the call).

Call administration calendar:


April 5 – Call announcement;

April 24, May 24, and June 12 - group consultations;

June 14 – deadline for sending questions electronically;

From June 1st to June 21, 16:00 PM – dates for electronic registration in GMUS;

June 22, 16:00 PM – deadline for providing the application document at the SRNSFG office

June – July – technical expertise of the submitted projects;

July – announcement of the results of technical expertise – information about the projects cancelled due to incompliance with the terms and conditions of the call;

July August – evaluation of submitted projects;

September - publishing results;

September – October - signing the grant agreement.

It is recommended that legal/natural persons involved in the project be registered in the Grants Management Unified System (GMUS) until the electronic registration.


Call regulatory documents

Documents and annexes required for the project

Project terms and conditions – annex 1

Cover page (sample) – annex 2

Project proposal – annex 3 (GEO/ENG)

CV (sample) - annex 4

Project timeframe - annex 5 (GEO/ENG)

Project budget (sample) - annex 6 (GEO/ENG)

Letter of personal commitment of foreign advisor/co-supervisor (if applicable) – annex 7

Letter of co-funding (if applicable) - annex 8 (GEO/ENG)

Reference for the PhD student - annex 9 (GEO/ENG)

Letter of support on providing access to research infrastructure - annex 10 (GEO/ENG)

Funding norms of the PhD fellow’s scientific-research visit abroad – annex 13

Frequently asked questions


Links for electronic registration

The Grants Management Unified System (GMUS) – for project registration (link)

Instruction for electronic registration (link)



  • Please, carefully read the Minister’s Decree, SRNSFG Director General’s decree, call Terms and conditions and other annexes;
  • Only group consultations will be held;
  • Deadline for sending the questions electronically - 15/06/2018 at the e-mail address: The document of Frequently Asked Question will be uploaded online and updated periodically.



Ana Polodashvili

Natalia Gverdtsiteli

Otar Gogiashvili


Contact information: