Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia announces a call for Programme – ‘Science begins from School - Research projects with participation of secondary school students’

23/01/2018 13:48

The competition aims at enhancing education quality at general educational institutions, integrating research in the teaching process, increasing the popularity of science and encouraging pupils to engage in research.  SRNSFG call intends to introduce innovative approaches to the educational process, facilitate a pupil to get the comprehensive understanding of different subjects and increase the curiosity for science. Increasing teachers’ motivation for involvement in student’s research.  Increasing interest in involvement in secondary school students’ research for scientists, including young scientists (PhD, MA).

The introduction of such innovations in the learning process that will improve the efficiency of general education activities, which will help the students to understand the importance of a particular subject, that will increase their interest in science.

Public school/schools can register a project for the competition.

Private schools can apply in cooperation with a public school, which gives an opportunity to involve its students in the project.  Participating private school can’t be a grant holder.

From the part of the public school, a supervisor has to be a teacher, which works with VII-XII grade students. That person can apply only with one project.

Scientist involved in the project which gives consultations to the supervisor, project assistant and students, has to possess a PhD or equivalent degree,

Involvement of a project assistant, who helps supervisor and scientist in the process of projects implementation is important. That person has to be a student of MA or PhD in Georgian high educational institution.

Involvement of supervisor, scientist and project assistant is the main requirement of the competition.

Presented Projects have to make provision public school students active involvement in specific scientific issue/problem scientific research. Competition is open to any person who are VII-XII graders at the general educational institutions (public and private schools).

Duration of research has to be 24 working weeks, which doesn’t include school vacations.

The requested budget for the project can’t be more than 12 000 GEL. Co-foundation is possible.


 The complete description of the competition is given on the Georgian page of SRNSFG.


Further information can be obtained from the call coordinators:

Ms. Maka Kajaia –, Tel: 2200220(4409)

Ms. Ana Goguadze - 


The instructions for electronic registration of the competition will be posted on the foundation's website later!