Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia announces call for Young Inventors and Researchers “Leonardo Da Vinci”

23/01/2018 13:36

Program for high school students “Leonardo da Vinci” aims to support ongoing reforms at general educational institutions; to stimulate and improve the learning process and to raise pupils’ interest towards learning; to raise interest towards innovation and technology; to develop creative thinking and practical skills.

The call is open to VII-XII graders at the general educational institutions (public and private schools).

Applications can be submitted individually and in groups. The number of members of the group should not exceed three students of the relevant grades. After the registration of the project, the change of group members is inadmissible.

Each team can appoint a team leader who will coordinate the ongoing work and who will be the team speaker and contact person. Nevertheless, each member of the team should be able to fulfil the role of a speaker/contact person, must be fully involved in the project and should get acquainted with all its aspects. The final work should reflect the coordinated efforts of all members of the team. Group projects will be evaluated by the rules and assessment criteria of individual projects.

The same person can’t be the author or co-author of more than two submissions. In case of victory, only one project will be financed. The research submitted to the call should not have taken place until January 2017.

Each team or student must have a supervisor who may be a teacher, parent or scientist. The supervisor of the project should be in close contact with the student during the whole period of the work, should be familiar with all relevant regulations concerning potentially dangerous or risky research related to the student's project. Such research can include the use of chemical or biological substances and equipment, experimental methods, study of cell culture, microorganisms or dangerous animals/animal tissues.

The Commission of competition will reveal the winners and special prizes to the exhibition. The grant-awarded project author will travel abroad with a tour. The author of the project winning first place will be awarded with the amount of 5000 GEL, the author of the project in the second place - 3000 GEL and the author of the project in the third place - GEL 2000. In case of a group of projects presented, the relevant amount is divided equally between the members of the group.

The complete description of the competition is given on the Georgian page of SRNSFG.


Further information can be obtained from the call coordinators:

Ms. Maka Kajaia –, Tel: 2200220(4409)

Ms. Ana Goguadze - 


The instructions for electronic registration of the competition will be posted on the foundation's website later!