Call for Joint Research Programme of the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia and the University of Oxford «Georgian Studies Research Programme 2018”

22/01/2018 18:33

Aim of the Call: popularization and development of Georgian Studies, traditional fields of Kartvelology, as well as supporting and promoting modern interdisciplinary studies in international scientific community; funding research centers and academic programmes on Georgian Studies at the international universities and research institutions, which will promote the implementation of the research on Georgian and regional studies in compliance with international standards involving foreign researchers; the call aims at attracting young researchers to work in the field of Georgian Studies in above mentioned institutions and develop their scientific potential; disseminating the findings of the research on history, culture, language, literature, archeology and art, as well as religious, socio-economic and political transformation of Georgia in the international academic network through conferences and seminars; establishing research consortiums and developing sustainable bilateral and multilateral cooperation by promoting Georgian and regional studies.


You can find detailed information about the terms and conditions of participation in the call in Georgian.