Announcement: Scientific-Research Grant Call for "Halyomorpha Halys Elimination State Programme 2018"

12/06/2018 14:45

Scientific-Research Grant Call for "Halyomorpha Halys Elimination State Programme 2018" will be announced in June, 2018.

Call goals:

Facing the social-economic challenge of the Government - Halyomorpha Halys elimination and addressing agricultural issues, caused by its dissemination, through conducting scientific-technological research; facilitation of innovative scientific research, focused on solving difficulties caused by Halyomorpha Halys; seeking for new knowledge, methods and innovative technological decisions; theoretical and experimental analysis of addressing problems through sharing best international experience.

Funding can be obtained only via open call!

Basic programme and conditions of the call:

The call provides funding only for institutional scientific-research projects.

One or several organizations can participate together with project key personnel in the grant call.

  • Project must have host institution;
  • Project must have key personnel;
  • Project must have principal investigator;
  • Project must have coordinator;
  • Minimum one young scientist must be included into the project during all reporting periods;
  • Project may have co-participant organization(s) (if applicable);
  • Project may have partner organization;
  • Project may have supporting personnel;
  • Project may have research advisor(s);
  • Project may have co-funding legal/natural person.

One and the same person is disallowed to provide more than one applications as key personnel.

Project implementation period may be 1 or 2 years. Reporting period is 1 year.

Requested funding from SRNSFG should not exceed 61 250 Gel for 1-year project and 122 500 Gel for 2-year project. In case of 2-year project, the funding distribution should be in compliance with the goals and objectives of the project.

Please, consider that the call programme and conditions, corresponding annexes, call terms and registration procedures will be available after the announcement of the call.

For the further information, please, contact us via phone number: +995 32 2 200 220 (4015)